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Pressure Gauge Accessories

Ashford Instrumentation Ltd are well established as a supplier of an extensive range of pressure gauges to the process industry. To supplement our instrument range we can also offer a range of accessories such as U or Swan Neck Syphons, Ring or Pig-Tail Syphons, Isolation Valves,  Rubber Gauge Covers, Alarm Contacts and Certification/Documentation .


Stainless Steel Snubber - Adjustable Stainless Steel Snubber - Adjustable

Snubbers are used to dampen and improve pressure gauge readings by suppressing the effects of pulsation and pressure peaks in the pressure line. The body is machined from 316 stainless steel bar stock and supplied with an adjustable internal scr... VIEW MORE

Carry Pointer Window Carry Pointer Window

Carry Pointer Windows can be fitted to our range of 100mm and 160mm pressure gauges. The black gauge pointer drives the red pointer around the scale as pressure increases and leaves it at the maximum pressure reached. The carry pointer can be manuall... VIEW MORE

Pressure Gauge Rubber Covers Pressure Gauge Rubber Covers

Rubber gauge covers in sizes 50mm, 63mm & 100mm. Rubber gauge covers are designed to protect pressure gauges from impact damage when on service in the field.  ... VIEW MORE

Glycerine - 1 Litre Bottle Glycerine - 1 Litre Bottle

Glycerine 99.5% PF supplied in a 1 litre plastic bottle for topping up glycerine filled pressure gauges. Not for human consumption. Glycerine is often used in pressure gauges to dampen down the effects of vibration or pulsation, it also cools and lub... VIEW MORE

Pressure Gauge Pointer Puller Pressure Gauge Pointer Puller

High quality precision pointer puller for the careful removal of pressure gauge pointers. This instrument is ideal for calibration laboratories. The design allows the tool to slip under the pointer and sit around the pointer spindle, the pointer can ... VIEW MORE

Alarm Contact Gauges  - 100mm & 160mm Alarm Contact Gauges - 100mm & 160mm

Pressure gauges can be supplied with three types of electric alarm contacts: Electromechanical (Sliding design or Magnetic Snap Action design) which this data sheet relates to , Electronic (Non-Contact)  and  Inductive (Non-Contact). G... VIEW MORE

Syphons Syphons

Syphons are commonly used in the heating & ventilation industry on hot water or steam lines to protect pressure gauges from the effects of the high temperature. Pressure gauges with brass wetted parts typically are only rated to a maximum of 60C... VIEW MORE

Your Company Name or Logo Printed On DIal Your Company Name or Logo Printed On DIal

Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can supply all their range of HVAC pressure gauges with your name or logo printed on dial. Special scales or coloured segment dials made to order are also available.Please call our Sales Team on +44(0)1233 730999 or e-mail... VIEW MORE